CMS Enterprises Inc.

CMS has identified with several key industry sectors in Eastern/Central Europe and is presently working with companies in the following areas:
• Green Energy
• Natural Gas Facilities, Design/Build
• Distribution of Foreign Products
• Building and Renovation
• Retail Systems
• Management Services
• Agriculture Industry
By dealing with each project on a "case handled" basis, CMS has determined: (1) which markets offer the best potential for specific products, (2) which are the most rapidly expanding markets, (3) market trends and conditions, (4) the nature of local products, competition and trade practices.

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With over two decades of experience in the global markets, CMS offers services aimed at helping companies develop a strong, long-term business relationship with partners abroad. CMS offers the following specialized services:

• International Readiness Training

• Financial Analysis

• Joint Ventures

• Government Assistance Programs

• Barter/Counter Trade

• Branches/Wholly Owned Operations/Subsidiaries

• Banking/Financing

• International Sales Programs

• Strategic Alliances